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Frequently asked questions and answers

Why is the lookfy section is not appearing in my online store?

For the lookfy to visible in the homepage, collection, product page, the following are required:

The app has to be enabled.
The homepage, collection, product page you are viewing should have a corresponding setup.
The section position should be setup correctly.

If you still face issues it could require some customization for your theme. Please email to

How to make the app work with a cart drawer?

Please reach out to our support and we’ll get the app working with your cart drawer.
Each theme implements the cart drawer differently, so we’ll add custom code within our app to ensure it works with your theme.

How to customize style, change button & text colors?

In Settings page, custom CSS can be added. This is technical, but no worries we can help you. Please email to

Will this app integrate with another app I have?

We would like to explore this too. Please reach out to our support and let us know your requirement. We’ll be glad to help.

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