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Shopify Collaborator permissions

How to accept permissions in your Shopify store

After the Partner submits their collaborator request

you can review their request to accept or reject it in Settings > Users and Permissions > Collaborators.

Accepted collaborators are listed in the Collaborators section on the Users and permissions page.

Access request for your Partner.

Where to find Shopify’s collaborator request (access) code

The Shopify collaborator request code is something we deal with often during our customer support. Many store owners have the access code enabled, but they are sometimes unsure where exactly to find it in the store administration. And that’s why we have decided to put together this simple guide.

To find the 4-digit access code, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify store admin page

Step 2: Click on Settings at the bottom of the toolbar on the left-hand side

Step 3: Choose Users and permissions

Step 4: Copy the code using the icon and share it with the desired person

Don’t worry, sharing the code doesn’t automatically give access. It only allows someone to send you the request, which you still need to approve.

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